ANC Northern Cape PEC Statement

ANC Northern Cape PEC Statement

14 March 2014

The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of the ANC convened its first PEC meeting for the year on 14 March 2014 in Kimberley.

Political overview

The PEC noted the recent gruesome violent acts against women and children in our communities. The PEC condemned these heinous acts and expressed its utmost disgust at the cruelty of the perpetrators. The PEC called upon the ANCWL to convene Prayer Sessions to pray for the families who have lost their loved ones and for the end of this senseless violence in our communities.

The PEC also implored government to build more sport facilities as a form of recreation to deal with the problems of substance abuse, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy amongst our youth.

Our Province is faced with floods and drought and our governments need to intervene and assist the affected areas.

We have noted the delay in payment of stipends of those participating in the Community Worker Program and the Municipalities should be requested to fast track the issue of timeous payment of stipends since our people is very dependent on this money since to many this is their only source of income. The ANC regards this in a very serious light as we understand the plight of our poor and marginalized communities.

The African National Congress Youth League will upscale its elections work and is working hard to mobilize the youth behind the vision of the ANC and make sure that young people go out in their numbers to vote for the ANC on 7 May.

The PEC noted the fact that our towns are gradually getting dirty and will impress on all ANC - led municipalities to urgently deal with dirty towns, electricity problems and water shortages in our communities.

The creation of jobs and job opportunities for our people remains a priority thus the PEC will ensure that government creates more jobs through the more than 100 projects that are currently running in the regions.

In our province, all political parties have registered to contest the elections, however we have noted with interest that only Agang is not contesting our Province. We are confident that the ANC will once more achieve an overwhelming victory in the Province.

Launch of the Manifesto and 102 Anniversary Celebrations

The PEC reflected on the 102nd Anniversary Rally of the ANC which was celebrated in Kimberley on the 25th of January 2014. The anniversary was attended by more than 20 000 community members throughout the Province and it was a huge success without any incidents reported. The people of the Northern Cape still love the ANC and they have once more shown that they believe that the ANC is their only hope to a better life for them and their children.

African National Congress Women`s League (ANCWL) 6th Provincial Conference

The ANC reflected on the ANCWL Provincial Conference which was held on the weekend of 27 February to 02 March 2014 in Colesberg, Pixley Ka Seme Region. The theme of the conference was "Women United for a Decisive Election Victory - Ensuring Socio-Economic Freedom". The PEC noted that the conference was a huge success and it congratulated the leadership collective that was elected under the following officials (top five):

  • Provincial Chairperson: cde Grizelda Cjikella-Lecholo;
  • Deputy Provincial Chairperson: cde Mirriam Kibi;
  • Provincial Secretary: cde Topsy Dapula;
  • Deputy Secretary: cde Gail Parker;
  • Provincial Treasurer: cde Omphemetse Mogodi.

The PEC impressed it upon the ANCWL that it has its work cut out to rally the women behind the ANC and to ensure that women go out in their numbers to vote for the ANC on 7 May 2014. The PEC, however, noted that branches of the ANCWL from Namakwa region did not attend or participate in the conference. The PEC requested that the ANCWL prioritises its political work in that region and to strengthen the ANC in the area.

Mayor and Speaker of Namakhoi Municipality

The Provincial Executive Committee expressed its extreme unhappiness with the manner in which this matter has been dragged out and that the delaying tactics employed by the opposition. It is evident that DA and COPE coalition in Namakwa is not concerned about the lives of our people neither do they respect the outcome of democratic processes, this is creating uncertainty and frustration amongst our supporters and members in the region. The court instructed the municipality to convene their council meeting on the 17th of March 2014. It is at this meeting that we will expect the appointment of both the Mayor and the Speaker to take place.

Registration of candidates

The list process which started in March 2013, this discursive process started with the training of all BEC`s in the Province on the list process guidelines which was followed by Branch General Meetings. The whole process in the province culminated in a Provincial List Conference. The PEC reiterated its appreciation to the branches and the regions on the level of maturity they managed and approached the list processes. Whilst it was a difficult political process, the PEC has ensured that the process does not divide the province. The IEC cut-off date for the registration of candidates by political parties was on 12 March 2014. The ANC registered and submitted the list of candidates before cut-off date.

PEC Lekgotla

The PEC assessed the recent Lekgotla which took place in February 2014. All District Municipalities and the Sol Plaatje Municipality was invited to the Lekgotla and made presentations on the key successes and programs for 2013/2014. All Alliance partners and Mass Democratic Movement formations were also invited and participated in the Lekgotla. The following commissions were convened:

  • Economic transformation;
  • Social transformation;
  • Legislature and Governance;
  • Organisational Building and Campaigns.

The PEC is happy that the ANC is well on track with its programme and resolved to strengthen areas of job creation and poverty alleviation.

The court hearing of the officials

The court hearing of three officials started in February and is still on course. The state closed its case on the 5th of March 2014. The PEC commended the three comrades with the manner they have conducted themselves during the court hearings. The court hearing is fast approaching its conclusion as both the state and the defense are preparing their closing arguments.

Midterm Provincial General Council (PGC)

The current PEC was elected in June 2012 at the 6th Provincial Conference for a four year term. The ANC constitution prescribes that the PEC must convene a Provincial General Council during its midterm for the review of the state of the organization. In June 2014 it will be full two years since the PEC was elected. The PGC will be held on the 04 - 06 July 2014. The midterm PGC will be expected to deal with the following:

  • Assessment of the state of the organization in the Province;
  • Fill the eleven vacant positions in the PEC;
  • Formulate an organizational program for the next two years.

Provincial Siyanqoba Rally

The last phase of the ANC election campaign will culminate in the Siyanqoba Rally which will be held on 4 May 2014 in Kimberley. The ANC will mobilize more than 30 000 of their members, supporters and members of the community to attend this rally. This will be our final event in preparation for the renewal of our mandate to create a better life for all on 7 May 2014.

Together we move South Africa forward.

Released by: Zamani Saul
ANC NC: Provincial Secretary

Keitumetse Mathiba
Media Liaison Officer
076 102 0830

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