Response to the distorted DFA Article of 27 March 14

Response to the distorted DFA Article of 27 March 14

27 March 14

The article in the DFA of 27 March on page 3 bears reference.

The Chairperson of the ANC, Comrade John Block never said, "walking with Zuma is like walking with God".

I was amongst thousands of Activists, Pastors and ANC supporters who were at Jim Summers Hall where the President of the ANC was addressing. He was introduced by comrade John Block, and in his introductory remarks he made reference to the Pastors and Priests that graced the event, saying"we are happy that we have you, as religious leaders in our midst. If you are walking this road with us, we are sure of victory and blessings. When we walk with you, it is like we are walking with God, because you are God`s representatives".

The Chairperson never made any reference to President Zuma when he made that statement, this is absolutely a fact, and the thousands of people that attended this event can attest to this.

We reject this malicious and deliberate distortion by the DFA. This attempt of wanting to present the ANC as a blasphemous organization, which disrespects Christianity and God.

This organization was started by religious leaders, and it has always believed in the supernatural guidance of God throughout it`s 102 years of existence. That is why all, without any exception, our events are opened by Prayer to request Gods spirit to guide us in our deliberations and decisions.

President Zuma in all his speeches of the day, asked ANC members to pray harder, play an active role in the church and continue to trust in God to make South Africa a better place.

No amount of misrepresentation or any deliberate action by the media will make our people loose confidence in the ANC.

We demand a retraction and correction of that article by the DFA.

We will follow all the necessary channels to have this gross misrepresentation corrected.

Issued by: Zamani Saul
Provincial Secretary of ANC NC

Enquiries: Keitumetse Mathiba
Media Liaison ANC NC

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