Siyanqoba statement

Siyanqoba statement

5 May 2014

Our loyal members and supporters braved the scorching heat in numbers and filled the Galeshewe stadium to its full capacity in a quest to lend an ear to comrade President Jacob Zuma Siyanqoba rally`s address.

The President affirmed that the ANC`S membership currently stands at over 1, 2 million members and the rally is part of the ANC`s election campaign to ensure victory ahead of the general elections. The event was graced by the provincial leadership of the ANCYL, ANCYWL, COSATU and SACP including South Africa`s television celebrities who are die hard ANC loyalist entertained the crowds as part the campaign.

Speaking during the rally the provincial chairperson, comrade John Block reminded our members and supporters about the sacrifices the ANC made to achieve South African democracy and our achievements during the 20 years of a democratic South Africa. For 82 years we fought against Apartheid and in 20years we have changed South Africa for the better. Today we have built 3.3 million houses and 16 million people have benefited through RDP housing program.

The ANC led government has worked hard to ensure that previously disadvantaged South Africans have access to clean water, electricity and sanitation and it takes care of its people from the womb to the tomb. The ANC looks after you from the day you are born until the day you die.

The ANC is the only organisation that has produced leaders who have won the international peace noble price, enjoying international recognition and world class honourable status. We have achieved a milestone by ensuring that the country wins the bid to host the International Square Kilometres Array ( SKA) satellite project in Carnarvon which is in the heart of the province.

The opposition parties are copycats politicking and are failing the poor were we have won municipalities.

Everything we say they say, we started colour blocking they blocked to blue. We don`t build people open toilets we build descent housing and proper sanitation. In Namakhoi they make our people pay for street bulbs whilst we don`t make our people to pay for street lights.

We urge voters not to waste their votes on parties that have no experience and not to take a chance by considering opposition parties.

The ANC led government is investing majorly in improving performance in Maths and Science; artisans have increased from 9 thousand to 15 thousand from 2012. The establishment of a New University in the province is all hard work done by ANC led government. Government is committed to create jobs by broadening small business opportunity. 1 trillion has been invested in infrastructure development creating job opportunities for the youth in the country.

0ver 500 thousand Solar Geyser Heaters have been installed on roof tops and over 75 thousand jobs through infrastructure projects such as Medupi power station.

The ANC calls on others to return to the ANC and those who have returned from other parties are warmly welcomed.

We urge voters to continue voting for the ANC as it is the only party with the experience to govern the country and with a clear manifesto to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans.

Together we move South Africa Forward!!!!

Issued by: ANC NC

Keitumetse Mathiba
Media Liaison Officer
076 102 0830

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