Response to Vote 02 Budget Speech for the Deparment of Roads and Public Works

Response to Vote 02 Budget Speech for the Deparment of Roads and Public Works

15 July 2014

The ANC in the Northern Cape welcomes the budget vote speech of the Department of Roads and Public Works and congratulate comrade Dawid Rooi for leading the department with diligence.

Over the last 10 years the ANC has led one of the most extensive and innovative public works programmes in the world. The programme has provided work opportunities to millions of unemployed South Africans. It ranges across many sectors, including caring for the environment, providing home based care in poor communities, maintaining rural roads, and constructing social infrastructure like clinics. These are not just temporary make-work solutions. Public works programmes are making significant contributions to our economy.

The mandate of the department remains to build and maintain road infrastructure and build public amenities as well as provide accommodation and safeguard the government assets.

In comparison with other provinces, our province has 21% of the total road network of the country, but receives only 3, 5% of the entire roads budget of the country.

The ANC applauds the department on implementing the following projects: Under ROOTING OUT THE DUST Projects; the paving of internal streets in Paulshoek,Kharkams, Spoegrivier, Klipfontein and Kamieskroon. Loxton Access Road; Garies and Fraserburg brickmaking project; potholes eradication in Sol Plaatje municipality; Hotazel- Tsineng road phase1; Vosburg-Carnavon road; Upington hospital; widening of Kuruman- Hotazel road; De Aar TB UNIT, staff accommodation, water reservoir and three clinics.

More has been done and there is a good story to tell about our ANC led government and together we can do more. The ANC government does not just promise, but we implement and the success that the department has accomplished is evidence thereof of the promises being fulfilled and still being implemented.

The department acknowledges that the infrastructure sector is characterized by serious challenges, which limit the full potential of the provincial economic growth. These challenges include but are not limited to, inadequate investment in economic infrastructure which have resulted in backlogs and ageing infrastructure; loss of skilled internal capacity to the private sector; inadequate availability of highly graded and competent contractors in the province. The extent of the province and vast travelling distances against the available operational budget and state funding is not sufficient so private funding is crucial in the development of the province. We applaud the department on its intervention by entering into an agreement with the mining companies in joint ventures to subsidies these plans.

The department should continue to focus on preserving our current roads through road maintenance. The ANC notes the resealing of roads, eradication of potholes, and bridge maintenance and flood damages relief throughout the province.

Health is one of the ANC priorities. In our promise to improve our health services, quality infrastructure for health services is a priority. We also wish to reiterate that the new mental hospital shall be completed and we note that it is currently at 41% completion and the New De Aar hospital is at 65% completion and another other five phases are completed.

The great work being undertaken by comrade Rooi and his team of diligent officials in ensuring that the Khotso Pula Nala operation which is a development concept to improve the quality of life and economic well- being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas and township is underway. We acknowledge the paving of roads, cleaning of towns and improvement of water systems that the department has undertaken and the job opportunities that the department has created and we believe that more jobs will be created.

Together we can do more.

Issued by: ANC NC Provincial Secretary: Zamani Saul

Keitumetse Mathiba
ANC Media Liaison Officer
076 102 0830

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