Solidarity with the Cuban people

Solidarity with the Cuban people

25 July 2014

The ANC in pursuit of its international relations objectives as directed by the Freedom Charter which states that there shall be peace and friendship. Therefore, International Relations is utilised by the ANC to form friendships and to work towards peace in the continent and in the world, whilst pursuing South Africa`s national interest. ANC`s international relations policy is directly informed by our domestic policy, and vice versa, and they are mutually reinforcing. The ANC remains committed to its founding values of a struggle for a humane, just, equitable, democratic, and free world. The development and prosperity of Africa remains the central objective of the ANC`s international perspective and policy for purposes of advancing the African Renaissance. ANC`s international relations work is underpinned by a commitment to development, democracy, human rights, peace and security in the world.

In solidarity with the Cubans, the ANC in the Northern Cape also joins its Alliance partners and the world in the 20th anniversary of the relationship with Cuba which is on the 2th July of 2014. We remain committed in the campaign of the release of the Cubans that were falsely incarcerated on charges of terrorism in the United States and are still enduring lengthy sentence in US prisons. The ANC calls on the International community to remove the economic embargo against Cuba as per UnitedNations resolutions. We further call on the South African Parliament to pass a resolution calling for the release of the Cuban five.

Together we move South Africa Forward!!!!

Issued by: Zamani Saul
ANC NC: Provincial Secretary

Keitumetse Mathiba
Media Liaison Officer
076 102 0830

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