Provincial Local Government Summit

Provincial Local Government Summit

17 September 2015

The summit convened 5 commissions where the following was discussed:

ON Back to Basics, Which is a programme for change launched by the President of South Africa, Hon. Jacob Zuma, in September 2014, which encourages councilors to go into communities and go back to basics in terms of delivering basic services to our communities. Commissions resolved that COGHSTA needs to assess the implementation of back to basics in all municipalities, such that it does not become a matter of compliance.

ON Intergovernmental Relations

National and Provincial government departments needs to support the local sphere of government and when delivering projects at a municipal level, local municipalities should at all times be consulted.

As well as The Local Government elections strategy.

The ANC has set itself a target of 70% for the upcoming local government elections, elections work has started in all 196 wards of the province, where the ANC has got a presence.

In closing the Provincial Chairperson of the ANC comrade John Block reminded the councilors that the ANC is in charge of 90% of the municipalities, and this strength must be demonstrated through the services delivered to our communities. We need to defend and implement the decisions that we take and we need to stick to them, it is of utmost importance that councilors go back to the communities and do what is right, which is to deliver basic services to the people in our communities.

The Northern Cape received two sets of remains, which were of Comrade Moses Ntehelang from the John Taolo Gaetsewe Region who will be buried on Saturday, 26 September as well Tebogo Leon Tume. The Tume family in Kimberley, will this weekend be having the re-burial of the late Comrade Tebogo Leon Tume. This has indeed shown that government is taking the campaign of assisting the families of the comrades that are buried in different parts of the world earnestly. The families of both Tume and Ntehelang, will finally find closure.

Comrade Zamani Saul
Provincial Secretary
Media Enquiries
Naledi Gaosekwe- 0736179671

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